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The Duluth East High School Foundation is pleased to announce that we will begin accepting applications for grants every calendar year beginning January 1 through April 1.

2019 Awarded Grants

Touchdown Club - $500
Assistance in purchasing uniforms not provided by district.

2019 Grad Party - $500
Assistance in providing scholarships to seniors unable to attend event.

Theater Department - $1,000
Purchase of projection system for the theater.

Lacrosse Booster's - $1,000
Assistance with budget uniforms and busing.

Physics Department - $1,000
Purchase of roller-coaster kits for classroom use.

WIN c/o Bill Nygaard - $500
Purchase of materials and supplies for fly casting class.

Physical Education Department - $1,500
Cost to replace worn equipment.

Guidance Department - $500
Grant to assist hiring the Sioux Chef for school program.

Health Department - $520
Purchase of Practi-CRdM-CPR Monitors for use in CPR program.

2018 Awarded Grants

Science Department - $1750
Anatomy and Physiology Lab development - tissue samples, slides, and models.

Duluth East Activities - $1000
Improvements to Fitness Center/Weight Room.

German Department - $650
CALP Institute Training. World Class training for staff that will be shared with colleagues.

East High School - $1400
Development and construction of a safer access from East High School to the Lakewalk avoiding the traffic congestion of the main East entrance.

2017 Awarded Grants

East Activities Department - $1000
For the purchase of a Wall Wrap project promoting school spirit at the East gym door in the atrium.

Science and Forestry - Fish-Wildlife Management, $1500
For their development of the East Forest with trails, classroom, and benches for school use and that of neighbors.

East Theater Department - $500
For the development to broadcast live video feeds for use in the auditorium for use by the school for special events.

2016 Awarded Grants

East Theater Department - $650
To purchase wireless microphones to avoid having to rent them for each production.

East Circle of Friends - $500
To purchase promotional materials for the program.

East Daredevils Robotics Team - $250
To purchase Tetrix kits for for summer workshops

Wolfpack LaCrosse Team - $600
To assist with start up of program and to purchase needed equipment.

Grant Application Process

The Mission of the Duluth East High School Foundation is to enhance a world class

educational experience for all East High School students by providing financial support for academics, student activities, athletics, and campus improvements.

The Duluth East High Foundation (DEHSF) will accept grant requests from January 1 through April 1. Grant proposals from $500 to $2000 that meet our mission guidelines will all be considered by the Foundation. Higher priority will be given to those requests that 1)impact the greater number of current East High Students and 2)demonstrate a great financial need.

Applicant Eligibility is open to any representative of a school sanctioned activity, as defined by the school principal and school district policies. This includes all academic, athletic, extracurricular programs, and clubs that are officially sanctioned by East High School.

An Allocation Panel, a standing committee of the DEHSF Board, will identify and rank which grant requests best meet the Foundation’s criteria and the unmet needs of East High during each grant making cycle. The Allocation Panel will be staffed by representatives of the East Site Council, including the Principal, Chairperson, Activities Director, and two student leaders designated by the Principal. In addition, up to three board members from the DEHSF may be designated by the Foundation President to sit on this Panel.

The Allocation Panel will present its ranking of grant proposals and recommendations to the May Duluth East High School Foundation Board meeting for approval and distribution of the funds in July for the next school year.

We will not fund the following:

  • Individual salaries or stipends, as dictated by school district’s guidelines.
  • Requests for re-granting. e.g. Student Forum requesting $1,000 for a gift to Project Joy. Endowments. e.g. The Band requesting $2,000 to establish a uniform fund.
  • Debt retirement. e.g. The Birch Log requesting $2,000 to cover a yearbook price increase. Partisan political organizations or campaigns.
  • Efforts to fund lobbying efforts to influence legislative decisions.

Grant Winner Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, filing an evaluation form of the projects outcome within thirty (30) school days of the completion of the funded project. By accepting a grant from the DEHSF, you agree to share any results with the DEHSF, East High School, the Duluth School District, and the greater community as a whole. Documentation, including photographs and video, may be used to promote future projects by the Duluth East High School Foundation. Grant recipients will not be eligible for future DEHSF Grants until all final reports have been submitted upon project completion.

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